Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wolverine Gestures

Hello boys and girls.

Well it's just hit the crack of dawn over here in Australia and I'm off to get some much needed shut eye. Can't say I'm looking forward to the 40 degree forecast they've predicted for today. May have to crank the air-con if there is any hope in hell of productivity taking place.

Before I turn in though I'm going to quickly throw up these Wolverine gestures. Hard to look at I know...

But I have high hopes that these little gems are going to help me out greatly with the 30 plus villains I need to smash out in the next two or three months. After a bought of inking and coloring, the drawing side of the coin tends to get a little rusty.


Wolverine Gestures

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Godzilla 2014 Trailer

I’m not sure how many of you guys have seen this yet but the new Godzilla 2014 movie is looking pretty damn awesome. And not just because of Bryan Cranston.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Lazer Beams, Trees and Hipsters

My internet presence has been in a sorry state of affairs lately. So I figured it’s about time to step out of my hobbit hole and enter back into the cyber scene. Make way for some FB, thumb twaddling procrastination!

I’m also going to drop youtube in the procrastination box, and that’s okay… because this is AWESOME.

I’ve really gotten into this gig with Tin Man studios since jumping onto their new game ‘Appointment with Fear’. I guess that comic artist inside of me finally got a chance to shine through a video game… book… which is a weird mix but something I’m grateful for. Not sure when it’s coming out exactly and wouldn’t be able to tell you if I did. 

I’m sworn to secrecy on this stuff. That’s why I can’t show you any of it :( . 

Tin Man aside, I wound things up with Big Ant and a few other contractors, and Vic Uni wrapped up for the year as well. Which gave me a little down time to kick back and relax.

So I felt it would be a healthy choice to chill at Earth Core. For those who don’t know, Earth Core is a giant trance-music festival in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by hills, where you drink, camp and dance (in any order) the entire time. Colourful light’s, lazer beams, trees and hipsters are always the perfect recipe for an enlightening experience.  

Chilling at Earth Core with the cool kids.

The mountainous wilderness that is Earth Core

Outback clubbing is so much cooler.

 And it’s what I needed! The absence of busy city life, work, and life in general is sometimes needed to reground oneself. Even a creative soul like me needs to be reinspired every now and then.
 I also figured it was time to catch up with the friends of mine who still remember me and remind them I’m not dead and we should go for a drink.

Somehow I manage to fill up my emptying schedule with evermore projects and late night, coffee consuming work smashing. Good work of course! Otherwise I’d never be so motivated nor obsessed with it. 

And one of the things blamed for these highly erratic and unhealthy sleep patterns is this new website I’ve been diligently working on. As much as I want to spill the beans, I don’t want to say too much just yet, but… I sure am excited to share it with my fellow aspiring artists out there. It’s killing me because I’m itching to unveil it! 

Well everybody, Christmas creeps ever closer and I wish you all good luck with your gift hunting. I know I’ll need it… You can’t really go wrong with chocolates, cake and flowers right? Kinda caters to all tastes all year round. Sure they’re cleche’, maybe even a little disappointing, yet always satisfying, sweet and dandy. 


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Society 6

Hello everyone. How are you all?

Recently, I put uploaded some work onto Society 6. If you haven’t already heard about this cool site, here’s the rundown – basically it’s an online store with everything from T-Shirts and Hoodies, to IPhone and Ipad cases, plus more. The unique perk this site has to offer is that all these products are available in a limitless assortment of unique art works and prints, created by artists just like myself, which you can choose from.

So be sure to have a peek through my gallery and the rest of the site, you might even find something that captures your attention. I’m offering up a promotion for a short time that’ll give you free shipping when you order a flashy new product with my work printed all over it.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Have some Sympathy for Mr Vengeance

Whipped up this study last night. I chose a favorite movie of mine as the subject, Sympathy for Mr Vengeance. In fact all the movies from director, Park Chan-wook, are mesmerizing.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

An Update on Tinman Game's 'Apointment With Fear'

I’ve been working with the guys over at Tin Man studios on a title for their new Fighting Fantasy series. Recently they released a post on their blog talking about the project and what you can expect to see coming in Appointment With Fear. It’s been a good run so far, and I’m humbled by the opportunity to work with Tin Man, and on a game that allows me to let loose my passion for comic art. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dormant Ark

The last few months have had me hard at work, on numerous top secret projects I’m not allowed to talk about just yet. But. In the late hours of the night, wide eyed on too much caffeine, while all the sane people sleep in their beds, I still manage to find the time to concoct my own tantalizing creations - one of which I am now happy to announce.

Some of you might remember a while back, I created a short demo for a Horror Survival Game called Cradle which served as the major project I undertook during my course back in 2010. Well, I didn’t abandon it entirely; however it is undergoing a major rework from the ground up, with an overhaul on story, characters, environments, and gameplay. Actually it’s basically a brand new game, jammed into the same genre and loose story as the original. The new title for the game will be ‘Dormant Ark’ following the similar, but evolved idea of Cradle. At this point, I’m still in the design phase and will be posting updates here on this blog as well as the official blog (which needless to say is very barebones at this point) as development on the game progresses. Starting with some concept art. :)

 Dormant Ark - LEF Scientist - Female

The LEF Science division ('L'unar 'E'xploration 'F'action) spend up to half a decade away from their homes and families, dedicating that time to their otherworldly passions. Committed to their work, the highly motivated team set out to explore undiscovered areas of the Moon's Lunar surface, mapping out new coordinates in search for possible life forms, and natural resources that might see the moon someday harbor a possible colony.

 Rickon Hyde is head of the LEF Science Division, both directing and overlooking the research being undertaken at Dome Corp. Working around the clock to ensure productivity, Hyde is clean cut, straight to the point, and unwavering when it comes to compromises. He’s not stubborn because of his position or any kind of arrogance, but when it comes to making the right decision he doesn’t let bias or emotions get in the way. Although some of the team might have their differences with the director, as much as they might hate to admit it, he is usually right.

To find out more about the project and keep up to date on whats happening check out the official Dormant Ark blog at

In Places Far, Far Away

Some worlds spawned from the depths of my imagination. I don't do many environment concepts, but when I do, I begin to remember just how fun and creatively liberating they are. I also did these a fair while ago, as class demos for my wonderful student padawans.

 And a link to the accompanying video tutorial. Enjoy!

Blog Love

Back with some updates. These pieces have been floating around for a while - my blog just has a nasty habit of getting dumped at the bottom of the bucket list. It's time to show it some love. I'd like to say art takes time and lengthy bouts nurturing... but. Ahhh, life and it's business. Would I have it any other way?

Here are some speed paints I did some months back.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Interview With Moni Jay 2013

I was recently given the opportunity to have my first interview this week, conducted by aspiring journalist and writer Moni Jay. And here it is. Enjoy.

Interview with Freelance Concept Artist, Clayton Barton

1.      How did you get started as a concept artist? Share a little bit about yourself?

Concept art was something I fell into because I liked to draw. I figured if I want to draw and I want to paint I could get into illustration for books and games. Originally I wanted to do art for comic books, but the demand for artists in the comic industry has declined in the last few years, so instead I worked hard on improving my skills and concentrated on my own artwork.

2.      What are the challenges that an artist would normally face when starting a freelance career, and how did you overcome them?

When starting out, there are a lot of freelance artists who may become discouraged, generally because they don’t know what to expect. A lot of freelance artists will often do work for companies literally for nothing for the opportunity of getting their name and artwork out there. But after a while you’ll say to yourself, ‘hey I should be getting paid for the effort I put into this project, even if the project is never released.’ So eventually I started writing my own contracts, which is something a lot of professional freelance artists do.

3.      There is a lot of advice on concept art forums about what a successful portfolio looks like. What would be an ideal portfolio if you were in a position to review someone else’s work?

Your portfolio shows off your skill and shows that you can work with a variety of styles. A client may ask for something more stylized or they may want something more simplified, or maybe even something more realistic depending on the project. The artist has to be prepared for anything, especially a freelance artist because they have to get work wherever they can and on many different projects in different industries.

4.      The life of an aspiring artist is a relentless learning process. Artists inspire each other all the time on online communities such as Deviant Art and Outside of online sites, where else would a young artist be looking for inspiration?

There are a lot of art courses and tutors that can teach and inspire young artists. But my best suggestion would be Gaming conventions, or any kind of art convention, whether its Comicon or BlizzCon, and there are often open seminars that are held where an aspiring artist can learn and be inspired by other artists. Conventions are a good source of information and networking in the industry.

5.      Now with huge blockbuster games in production what is the competition like in the concept art industry at the moment?

There is always competition in any industry. There are big-name artists out there with excellent skill who constantly get work. If your new to industry it can sometimes be hard for you to break through, but at the same time there are smaller companies who provide opportunities for young freelance artists.

6.      The concept art industry is forever changing. How important is the concept artist’s role in the future?

A concept artist’s artwork often determines the overall design and look of a game, a movie or a character. They can determine the environment, and how the characters look in that environment. As the artist you are creating an entire world from your imagination.

7.      How would you see 3D art evolving in the next five to ten years?

Artists will always be needed in the industry, but that doesn’t mean the methods and the tools in which they use won’t change. Programs like ZBrush, 3DSMax and other programs that produce digital media provide new methods of design, and are becoming more popular and more effective in the industry.

8.      You have been a freelance concept artist for a few years now. What was it that made you decide to be a teacher, and how would you manage both.

What I like about teaching is I see how my knowledge can help other people. When I acquired a certain skill, naturally I wanted to share my knowledge with aspiring artists, so when I was offered the opportunity I immediately took it. They work hand-in-hand and I will often draw and paint in my classes and students would learn from the outcome of the artwork, so it was easy for me to balance art and tutoring.

9.      On November 13, 2012, THQ reported that they had defaulted on a $50 million loan from Wells Fargo. One month after the company filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, all THQ's properties were auctioned off individually. It was estimated that over 1.09 thousand employees subsequently lost their jobs. How hard will it be now for artists to get a job when up against so many professionals all vying for work in the same industry?

Many employees would have possibly gone into teaching and tutoring, some may have acquired work in other companies. An optimistic way of looking at that situation is a large company can break down into many smaller companies, and this actually provides more jobs and opportunities for artists wanting to get experience in the industry.

10.  After working on projects such as the iphone game ‘Speed Blazers’ and a full 3-D simulation game for Occupational Health and Safety in the workplace, what does the future hold for you?

After working on various projects, I would see them all as a beginning of something larger. I look at all projects as a learning experience to prepare me for the future. The Occupational Health and Safety game was one of the first projects I worked on with a team of other artists. I met challenges I had to overcome, such as working to a schedule and working in a team environment. Speed Blazers was the first iphone game I worked on, and during its development I felt I was a part of the company and that company’s future.

11.  If you had to go back in time and tell the young Clayton Barton two important things, when he was first getting started, what would they be?

Don’t be a hermit. Remember the other important things in life like friends and relationships. You can hide away in a basement drawing and painting all day, and have no life outside your work, but networking and communication is important. An artist’s inspiration is acquired by seeing the world.

12.  If you had a message to share with other talented artists, what would it be?

Be dedicated to yourself and your work, especially if you’re an aspiring artist. The more time and effort you put into developing your skill the better you’ll get, and the better you are the more you’ll want to do it.

Thank you very much Clayton for your time, and now I ask at the end of our interview where can people go to find out more about your work?

My email is, and blog is,

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Technique Solidifies

My poor blog, how I have neglected you. But alas, I have been working away diligently into 2013, with just a couple things to show for it. It's been an interesting start to the year, with a few personal realisations coupled with growth and understanding as I transit into a more mature, grounded adult and begin to know and understand myself as an individual even more so then I did before.

But who cares! We want to hear about the art.

The art, oh the art. Well actually it's going pretty well, and I'm enjoying the comfy ride for now to be honest. Whatever it was I stressed over, colour, value, anatomy, etc, although it's still not the definition of perfection, it seems to have sunken in through practice and dedication. Until that is, my feathers are ruffled by the realty that there is still such a gargantuan smorgasbord of things still left to learn, great powers still yet to be harnessed.

There's a few main paintings I've been working on, I just need to kick my ass into gear to see those finished (which I'll post when they're finely completed). Besides that it's been lots of character designs and a bit of practice here and there. Character designs that I've been coming up with during my class demos. I feel now that I have a very solid work flow, one that I am comfortable and happy with.

This work flow, for me, was something I needed to figure out for myself. I could have emulated someone else, but my belief is that an artists workflow has a lot to do with their personal style. Because it takes a while to develop a technique that you're truly comfortable with, a technique that you know 99% of the time you'll be able to execute with confidence. Which really, when you think about it is so important when it comes to working in a studio or as a freelance artist. You don't want to be sitting there trying to figure out how you're going to construct your idea, that should be the easy part, the idea itself is what you want to be focusing on. Well, later on at least, once you've got those fundamentals down. In the end, the fundamentals, the technique, the work flow, these are all just tools that you're able to use to present an idea. Know how to use the tools, and your only obstacle then is, figuring out the idea you want to construct with them.

So workflow, and technique. Pretty much the same thing. But for now, how did I solidify it? In my opinion I believe it had a lot to do with me being able to simplify the complications of drawing, colors, values, painting and rendering in my mind. I took some of the stress, and importance off of me to try to understand more and more about this stuff, and just accepted that the knowledge I have is enough, and now I need to use it; I need to put it into action. Because otherwise at what point would we ever say that we've learned enough, now lets start to create!? We wouldn't because we're artists, and every artist knows this journey is always expanding as we continue to climb to greater heights. But in realizing that, we need to do something with our growth, with that ever expanding knowledge. And in doing this, the knowledge begins to come, not so much from an outside source, but from within, we start to teach our selves through experience. Occasionally, we'll go back to second hand knowledge, to studying the world around us and refreshing our minds with the information that outside sources provide, it'd be foolish not to. If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten. But again, there comes that time, when alot of learning comes from within, tying all that we know in together with ourselves.

Goblin Huntress



Assassin Wizard