Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Lazer Beams, Trees and Hipsters

My internet presence has been in a sorry state of affairs lately. So I figured it’s about time to step out of my hobbit hole and enter back into the cyber scene. Make way for some FB, thumb twaddling procrastination!

I’m also going to drop youtube in the procrastination box, and that’s okay… because this is AWESOME.

I’ve really gotten into this gig with Tin Man studios since jumping onto their new game ‘Appointment with Fear’. I guess that comic artist inside of me finally got a chance to shine through a video game… book… which is a weird mix but something I’m grateful for. Not sure when it’s coming out exactly and wouldn’t be able to tell you if I did. 

I’m sworn to secrecy on this stuff. That’s why I can’t show you any of it :( . 

Tin Man aside, I wound things up with Big Ant and a few other contractors, and Vic Uni wrapped up for the year as well. Which gave me a little down time to kick back and relax.

So I felt it would be a healthy choice to chill at Earth Core. For those who don’t know, Earth Core is a giant trance-music festival in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by hills, where you drink, camp and dance (in any order) the entire time. Colourful light’s, lazer beams, trees and hipsters are always the perfect recipe for an enlightening experience.  

Chilling at Earth Core with the cool kids.

The mountainous wilderness that is Earth Core

Outback clubbing is so much cooler.

 And it’s what I needed! The absence of busy city life, work, and life in general is sometimes needed to reground oneself. Even a creative soul like me needs to be reinspired every now and then.
 I also figured it was time to catch up with the friends of mine who still remember me and remind them I’m not dead and we should go for a drink.

Somehow I manage to fill up my emptying schedule with evermore projects and late night, coffee consuming work smashing. Good work of course! Otherwise I’d never be so motivated nor obsessed with it. 

And one of the things blamed for these highly erratic and unhealthy sleep patterns is this new website I’ve been diligently working on. As much as I want to spill the beans, I don’t want to say too much just yet, but… I sure am excited to share it with my fellow aspiring artists out there. It’s killing me because I’m itching to unveil it! 

Well everybody, Christmas creeps ever closer and I wish you all good luck with your gift hunting. I know I’ll need it… You can’t really go wrong with chocolates, cake and flowers right? Kinda caters to all tastes all year round. Sure they’re cleche’, maybe even a little disappointing, yet always satisfying, sweet and dandy. 


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