Monday, October 8, 2012

Muntkey Design

I've been designing some new characters for Cradle (soon I'll have to change that name due to the discovery of another game holding the same title). I've dubbed this guy the Muntkey. He used to be a monkey before the virus took control and made him nothing more then a base host from which the virus would biologically evolve into an entirely new alien species. The Muntkey however is more intelligent then most of the infected, hunting in packs and strategically organizing tactics to sniff out their prey and fend off other predators out of their territory. A new standard of intelligence among the infected is beginning to peak it's head, and as evolution takes hold on the wretched creatures they will become more smarter, capable and dangerous.

New Muntkey Design
Had to go through some changes with this character before I reached the final concept art design (and there may still possibly be more designs iterations to come). Originally  I found that he looked a little too much like a monkey, there were no real standout features, other then a few blistering boils, basically looked like your average zombie monkey... But I wanted more then that for the Muntkey. I wanted this creature to look as though it had been taken over and modified, not just on the surface, but as if the entire structure of the original creature itself had been distorted into something else. I wanted it to look alien, yet at the same time, still relatable to a primate. I do hope I've achieved that. I am a lot more happier with this new design, it's captured a lot more accurately what I wanted to go for.

The original Muntkey design. Too much monkey not enough infectious alien virus!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Still Practicing Environments

Working on some more environments. Still quite speedy, haven't spent too much time adding in details yet. I guess that's what I need to work on next.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

More Environment Concepts

 Did up some more environment concepts last night, just to keep up the practice. For these I spent a little more time adding in detail, but the colors do not seem as vibrant as in the previous speed paintings. This could be because there was not a strong, direct light source in them as such, no vibrant yellows or oranges from the sun, and no harsh cast shadows. This is probably due to being too careful.

Jumping Headfirst into Color and Environment Concepts

Over the last week or so I've made it a point to face my fears and look them dead in the face - Color, Lighting and Environment Art. It can be intimidating, trying to become good at something you've always struggled with and never really understood. Of course I knew the basic gist of these subjects, knew the theory, watched the video tutorials by masters of the subject such as Feng Zhu and Scott Drake, but this alone cannot improve one's practical skills and unfortunately I never really took the time to bite the bullet, and really sit down and put the information I'd gathered into practice. There's no way around it. If you want to be good at something (which I did desperately want) you have to practice it, and make the mistakes you need to make in order to learn and get better.

Well, although my progress has not been astounding, it is still progress and a big leap from where I left off in my eyes. I hope to practice more of these environment speed paints, along with the lighting setups and color - Wish me luck.

This was the first set of exercises I did. Focused mainly on lighting set up here and how different colored lighting might effect the color of the objects themselves. Also this is my first set of environments, not the best, but it was a start.
This was the second exercise which primarily focused on color and quick environment concepts. I used a different method here to the first few environments - This method closely follows the technique concept artist Feng Zhu teaches. Also my first time properly making use of a color palette - Funnily enough I never really understood the concept of a palette or how to use one as dumb as that sounds. My understanding has improved a lot through doing these. I took about 15-20 min on each of these.
 If anyone out there has some feedback or suggestions on areas where I can improve, or just a few tips that might be able to help me out I'm am eager to take on board your pearls of wisdom.