Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dormant Ark

The last few months have had me hard at work, on numerous top secret projects I’m not allowed to talk about just yet. But. In the late hours of the night, wide eyed on too much caffeine, while all the sane people sleep in their beds, I still manage to find the time to concoct my own tantalizing creations - one of which I am now happy to announce.

Some of you might remember a while back, I created a short demo for a Horror Survival Game called Cradle which served as the major project I undertook during my course back in 2010. Well, I didn’t abandon it entirely; however it is undergoing a major rework from the ground up, with an overhaul on story, characters, environments, and gameplay. Actually it’s basically a brand new game, jammed into the same genre and loose story as the original. The new title for the game will be ‘Dormant Ark’ following the similar, but evolved idea of Cradle. At this point, I’m still in the design phase and will be posting updates here on this blog as well as the official blog (which needless to say is very barebones at this point) as development on the game progresses. Starting with some concept art. :)

 Dormant Ark - LEF Scientist - Female

The LEF Science division ('L'unar 'E'xploration 'F'action) spend up to half a decade away from their homes and families, dedicating that time to their otherworldly passions. Committed to their work, the highly motivated team set out to explore undiscovered areas of the Moon's Lunar surface, mapping out new coordinates in search for possible life forms, and natural resources that might see the moon someday harbor a possible colony.

 Rickon Hyde is head of the LEF Science Division, both directing and overlooking the research being undertaken at Dome Corp. Working around the clock to ensure productivity, Hyde is clean cut, straight to the point, and unwavering when it comes to compromises. He’s not stubborn because of his position or any kind of arrogance, but when it comes to making the right decision he doesn’t let bias or emotions get in the way. Although some of the team might have their differences with the director, as much as they might hate to admit it, he is usually right.

To find out more about the project and keep up to date on whats happening check out the official Dormant Ark blog at

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