Tuesday, September 9, 2014

ZX-TREM 21 Mech Design

Just finished up the latest Demo for Visual Design. This time around students were taught how to construct a Mech character using pre-visualization tactics, interconnecting forms to construct a mech and hard surface rendering techniques. 

The assignment was an excellent next step in showing students how the rules of perspective could be used to create complex formations using primitive shapes as a foundation.

Admittingly I was a little nervous going into this one – The ZX-TREM 21 battle Mech is my first real shot at the genre. Pleased to say in the end, it all came together. In fact, I wouldn’t mind smashing out a few more of these mecha beasties in the not too distant future.

Here’s a quick description of the design – The ZX-TREM 21 was designed as a battle Mech which would be controlled by cyborg soldiers during battle. This particular Unit has been reprogrammed by a half cyborg, half human super solider experiment named AL to aid in her escape from the NEXZ Complex. The ZX-TREM 21 arsenal consists of High Powered Propelled Laser Cannons capable of instant incineration. It's weaponry, and the Mech itself is powered by a heavily armored Fusion Core.