Sunday, November 4, 2012

My New Friend

This is a new piece I finished up last week. I've made some recent iterations to my work flow, thanks to my recent studies on color, lighting and value. Pleased to say I am happy with the result. "Progress equals happiness", as quoted by Tony Robbins, seems more relevant then ever as I continue to see my work evolve and become more refined.

As to what this work is about? I'll let you interpret that for yourself. I like to create art work that is suggestive of something disturbing or sinister, and yet at the same time provide no real explanation as to what it's truly about. Mystery should remain hidden in the dark where it belongs, and the fear kept alive. There is an innocence to my work, broken only by the assumptions brought about in the way others might perceive it. For it is only as dark as one's imagination would dare venture.

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