Monday, October 8, 2012

Muntkey Design

I've been designing some new characters for Cradle (soon I'll have to change that name due to the discovery of another game holding the same title). I've dubbed this guy the Muntkey. He used to be a monkey before the virus took control and made him nothing more then a base host from which the virus would biologically evolve into an entirely new alien species. The Muntkey however is more intelligent then most of the infected, hunting in packs and strategically organizing tactics to sniff out their prey and fend off other predators out of their territory. A new standard of intelligence among the infected is beginning to peak it's head, and as evolution takes hold on the wretched creatures they will become more smarter, capable and dangerous.

New Muntkey Design
Had to go through some changes with this character before I reached the final concept art design (and there may still possibly be more designs iterations to come). Originally  I found that he looked a little too much like a monkey, there were no real standout features, other then a few blistering boils, basically looked like your average zombie monkey... But I wanted more then that for the Muntkey. I wanted this creature to look as though it had been taken over and modified, not just on the surface, but as if the entire structure of the original creature itself had been distorted into something else. I wanted it to look alien, yet at the same time, still relatable to a primate. I do hope I've achieved that. I am a lot more happier with this new design, it's captured a lot more accurately what I wanted to go for.

The original Muntkey design. Too much monkey not enough infectious alien virus!

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