Monday, February 10, 2014

This One's a Beauty


it’s Clayton here, bearing a gift for you in the form of a brand new drawing tutorial. How to Draw Female Heads - Picture Perfect Portraits, is fresh, hot and just published. It’s there for the taking, so hit the link below and check it out!!how-to-draw-heads-chapter-3-0/c8ty

This one kinda had me biting off a little more than I could chew.

It’s becoming a problem too. Not just because of my high caffeine levels and off the chart sleeping patterns either. You see fellow artisans; I seem to have a problem one upping every new tutorial that’s published!

If they get any longer this site is going to end up more like the How to Draw Comic’s Encyclopaedia… Wait a second… That would be awesome!

In any case, one can never do with too much information so I’ve done my best to pack as much into this tutorial as possible.

I’ve received a load of feedback from you guys on how I can make these walk-throughs the best they can be. Thank you! Since the main benefactor of these tutorials is YOU, your feedback is highly valuable.

A majority of the suggestions focused on two things; a more in depth look at drawing hair and the process behind detailing (rendering and lighting).

You will be pleased to know, I’ve heard your cries for help.

Although these topics will ultimately be expanded into individual tutorials, I’ve made a point of explaining them on an even deeper level in the new How to Draw Female Heads - Picture Perfect Portraits tutorial… And I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

So what is this exciting new addition to How to Draw Comics .NET all bout anyway?  Well as you’ve probably already guessed this time around you’ll learn how to draw the head of a female comic book character.

Funnily enough, the basic construction is all very similar to the How to Draw Male Heads - Picture Perfect Portraits so at least that part will be easy peasy for you guys.

BUT, the purpose of this tutorial is not to teach you what you already know…

You see as an artist, you very quickly realize that drawing women is kind of A LOT MORE DIFFICULT then drawing men.
Here’s why…

Men have bone structures and facial muscles that are more pronounced then women. This allows us to use distinctive lines with stronger shadows to describe the prominent, sharper features of the male head in order to achieve that masculine resemblance. In short we’ve got more building blocks to play with.

When it comes to women though, it’s not so easy! There are less bread crumbs laid to help us out along the way. Their faces are smoother, softer, and subtler.  This gives us fewer lines to use, less obvious forms to draw, and ultimately results in a considerably constrained approach to drawing. 

Lucky for you guys, ‘How to Draw Female Heads - Picture Perfect Portraits’ has been specifically designed not only to address these issues and how to deal with them, but it will also explain ‘why’ the physical differences between men and women exist.

If you let me take you by the hand and follow my lead, I’ll have you drawing your own super, sexy, powerful heroines in no time!

Here’s a list of gems you can expect to glean from How to Draw Female Heads - Picture Perfect Portraits

  • Learn the illusive elements that define womanly beautyDiscover what to draw, and WHAT NOT TO DRAW to create a youthful, feminine appearance for your comic book heroines. 
  • How to draw, style, and render hair using the ‘BANG’ method.
  • Find out ‘why’ less is MORE when it comes to detailing women. 
  • Learn to draw alluring eyes, lips and other facial features that exude femininity.   
  • Take an in depth look into the process behind lighting and rendering.

Lastly, I’d like to personally thank everyone who entered the How to Draw Male Heads - Picture Perfect Portraits competition. You all did brilliantly, and being able to physically see the results you ended up with by following these tutorials is incredibly rewarding, not just for you but for me aswell.
The winners have been announced and you can check out their entries over at the new Winners gallery.!how-to-draw-contest-winners/c1d0o

If you missed the comp last time around you’ll be pleased to know that another one has just been launched for the new How to Draw Female Heads - Picture Perfect Portraits tutorial. For more information be sure to hit the link below.!how-to-draw-comics-competition/c3tw

As always, it’s your feedback and suggestions that help make How to Draw Comics .NET the best possible drawing resource out there. So if you’ve got any suggestions, constructive crit, or input for the site, you’re more than welcome to e-mail me at . Of course, if you’d just like some good old fashioned one on one help with your drawing, I’d also love to hear from you.

Until next time Comic Artisans,

Keep learning, keep drawing, and keep the dream ALIVE,

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