Monday, January 27, 2014

How to Draw Male Heads - Picture Perfect Profiles

Hey everybody.

How are you? I hope you’ve had a pleasant week thus far.

And if not… Here’s a treat that’ll make it better regardless.

That is the link to the newest addition in the How to Draw Heads series over at I’m not quite sure, but I think I’ve managed to pack even more into this one then the first. 

This time you’ll learn a step by step process that can be used to draw the classical Male Head from the side. 

If you managed to fly through the first tutorial without a problem, you’ll absolutely ace this one. In fact, it turns out that the Side of the Head uses the same proportions as the Front. 

Which means you can take what you learned in the first tutorial and apply it here too! 

It’s not always sunshine and roses though. Because although the proportions of the head remain the same… The way the features are drawn is completely different. Not just from the side either, but from every angle! It’s a bit of an obstacle for us artisans to overcome, but this tutorial has been especially design to give you the tools needed to tackle it head on.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s covered in the tutorial:
-          Creating a base blueprint that’ll make drawing head profiles a piece of cake.  
-          Laying out proportional guidelines to ensure your heads looks correct each and every time.
-          Drawing facial features from the side. You’ll be surprised how easy this one is!
-          An in depth look at layering hair using ‘the bang technique’.  
-          An overview on how to use shadow and rendering to refine form and create 3D depth.

If you liked the first tutorial, I’m confident you are going to get just as much out of this one. Please enjoy, and good luck!


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And one more thing! Turns out a lot of people missed out on the competition I ran on last week for the Picture Perfect Portraits tutorial. And it’s my fault for hiding it on the very last page… 

So I’ll be leaving it open until next week. Here is the more… exposed link for more information on the comp and what you can win.!how-to-draw-comics-competition/c3tw

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