Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cradle Game Project

his year is my final year of a two year Uni course in Games Design. As a final Major Assignment we a required to create a ,computer game on our own, this includes the game design document, the concept art, the modelling, the texuring, the animating, the sound production, the level building and *cringe* the programming. Now most sensible people, knowing we only had 6 or so months to build a game solo would have gone for a smaller idea, something simple, along the lines of Mario or Doodle Jump. But not me. No, for some reason I love stress, so I decided to sacrifice my life for the next 4-6 months to work on a fully 3D first person Horror survival, with Normal and Specular mapping, complex puzzles, and gigantic levels. What can I say, I think big. This is my chance to make my own game, so I've decided to go all out.

Now the pay off is, not only am I going to be mega stressed, I have no choice but to cut out of lot of the stuff I would otherwise have incorporated into the game. Basically, I can only afford to do two, three levels max, three characters, and maybe two weapons if that. If I had my way I would have more then doubled the content in each category. So 'Cradle' (the name I've decided to call my game) has been virtually cut down to a demo. But that's okay because the work I do produce for this game is going to be my best yet which will of course contribute to my folio and resume'.

Without further ado, I would like to present two of the main characters I've developed for the game so far.

Final Concept for the Interfector

One of the many versions of the Interfector I came up with

Among the many characters and environments I've brain stormed lurks the Interfector. As you can probably tell it is indeed a hostile creature, but it cannot be blamed for it's actions. This entity was once a human however after being exposed to a mysterious alien parasite, there is little left of his mind or body that resembles anything of the sort.

This grotesque looking creature you see before you is known as a Mauler, and once used to be a dog. The first subjects of experimentation with the alien virus at the Alcina Luna Base was our lucky canine friend here. After many years of exposure to the parasite, the Mauler has been taken under full control as a host, mutilated both mentally and physically beyond recognition.

Currently I've created a finished model of the Interfector, and have so far managed to get him running around in Game with some basic AI. Which is all a zombie really needs right? As for the Mauler, he's currently in the process of being modelled. After some redesigning of our canine zombie I decided to go for a more beefed up version of the Mauler and it now resembles something along the lines of a very angry, alien parasite riddled, overgrown pit bull who would love nothing more then to eat you alive...

Anyway, here's some more screeshots of the final Interfector. Modelled the base mesh, rig and animations were done in 3DS Max, and I Sculpted the Highpoly mesh in ZBrush. Textures were done in Photoshop.

 Keep an eye on the Blog because I'm sure there will be much more to come on the Cradle Game project. I'm in the process of building the first level for the game at the moment. Hopefully be the end of this week I'll have finished it and the second one and with any luck have some screen shots to post.

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